Housing & Infrastructure

Department Manager

Chelsea Gray
Email Address: Chelsea.gray@tobaccoplains.org
Phone Number: 250-887-3461 extension 3404

The Housing and Infrastructure Department strives to fulfill the housing and infrastructure goals of the Tobacco Plains Indian Band and community. Through our work we will:

  • build and provide access to safe, affordable and energy efficient housing that meets community needs and meets or exceeds applicable building standards;
  • develop and administer a maintenance program to ensure health and safety needs are met;
  • extend the useful life of the existing Housing Stock through timely and scheduled maintenance and renovations;
  • protect and enhance the community’s investment in housing;
  • promote home ownership through personal contributions;
  • develop and implement a plan for meeting existing and emerging infrastructure needs;
  • working with other First Nations, industry, and government to identify best practices in infrastructure building and maintenance;
  • By operating in a fair and transparent manner we will provide opportunities and benefits for our community and people.

Tobacco Plains Indian Band is committed to having sufficient community housing and infrastructure in place to create and sustain a healthy community which meets our needs today and for the future.


We will endeavor to maintain and establish the infrastructure necessary for healthy individuals, families, and community.

Bold Steps

  • Upgrade Infrastructure
  • Housing Policy Development