Health & Wellness

Community Wellness Manager
Heidi Gravelle
Email Address:
Phone Number: 250-887-3461 extension 3408
Community Health Representative
Heather McDonald
Email Address:
Phone Number: 250-887-3461 extension 3407
Community Wellness Coordinator

Shaila Holmes
250-887-3461 Ext 3419

Culture and Language Support

Martin Gravelle
Email Address:
Phone Number: 250-887-3461 ext 3405

Human Resource Worker

Emilie Fitton
250-887-3461 Ext

At the direction of chief and council the Health and Wellness department is mandated to provide accessible basic health care and wellness services, to provide adequate space for these services, to educate and empower band members, to provide access to specialized services (for example foot care, nutrition kitchen ,seasonal flu shots), to coordinate appointments and transportation, and to administer community based water monitoring, all to ensure an acceptable standard of health and wellness service is available to all band members.

The health and wellness department follows established policy and processes to ensure confidential, transparent, and equal consideration to all band members.

Working with band administration and through collaboration with band members the department develops and implements a health and wellness strategy designed to meet the needs of the Tobacco Plains Indian Band today and for future generations.


We will support our members in their pursuit of improved health, safety, and social wellness.

Bold Steps

  • Seek resources for Health Department
  • Infrastructure Assessment, Safety and Maintenance
  • Determine Community Health Baseline
  • Ensure Confidentiality